Solar Roadways, First Fully Functional Solar Driveway

by Robert Grothe, project director, GoLocalSolar - Tacoma WA

Announcing First Solar Parking Lot you can drive on with a car.  This is a fully functional solar driveway that can easily be expanded into a solar parking lot or solar street. Yes you can drive on these with your car or truck. Scott & Julie Brusaw have completed their first solar parking lot/driveway built demo at their laboratory and will be testing it's endurance and programming over the next couple of months in preparation for startup funding for manufacturing and licensing production rights later this year. It's here folks. (new video and news feeds coming soon. Scott has tons of interviews coming out!) The long awaited fully functional Solar Roadway modules made from glass you can drive on are now a reality.

To see what all the hype is about check out the Solar Roadway article Building a better electric grid written last fall. This is truly AWESOME!

Sandpoint Idaho, announced they are putting in the first solar street in their city as soon as funding becomes available. Hopefully by this fall. Scot & Julie Brusaw couldn't be more proud.  Read full article...


Want to see what these look like up close?

Patented textured prism hexagon shatter proof glass on top.
Solar cells in blue squares for now, custom hexagon shape later to fill panel.
Full primary colors programmable LED's embeded under the glass for smart safe signage.
Snow/ice removal programmable heater coils based on outside weather conditions.
Smart programmable solar modules for signaling, monitoring, communication, and sensors. 
This is only the beginning of design capabilities!

Video/pictures (gone viral 17.5m views-2014) 
crowdsourcing $1,000,000 fundraiser! (twice now)
(as of today they have raied $2mil, campaign closed)
The funds raised will be used to hire engineers and professionals to work on streamlining the process
and get the solar panels ready for production. The campaign is closed.


Robert's Sidebar Note: Solar Roadways has just reopened a permanent fundraiser campaign at invitation of Indiegogo InDemand staff for those that have been asking to donate but was not able to last summer. At the same website as last summer, and a few extra perks have been added to the donations which will be updated and changed from time to time. President O'bama mentioned entrepeneural inovators help make this country great in his State of the Union address last January of this year. (at the White House blog on the address they included slides of active projects and Solar Roadways was listed there) Solar Roadways also has links to a new video from Indiegogo Docs and Innovation World put out by Henry Ford Foundation and News feeds are popping up all over the place again. Go check out the new campaign and get involved!