Solar Roadways
   Building A Better Electric Grid

by Robert Grothe, project director, GoLocalSolar - Tacoma WA

scott-panel-bigsolarroadway-introScott & Julie Brusaw, inventor/owner of Solar Roadways has a great way to power all of America's dreams, covering existing roadways, parking lots, and driveways with solar modules! A new environmentally safe way to provide electricity from sunlight, snow/ice removal with no harsh chemicals, sand or equipment, dynamic updates to parking lot signage, and traffic safety signs customized to each moving vehicle all using one clean modular designed solar roadway package. The great thing that makes this a unique roadway material is it pays for itself in only a few short years and starts generating dividends for it's investors from the surplus electrical energy it produces.  The electricity can be stored or grid-tied back into the existing local electrical grids and microgrid using this clean renewable energy source right in the communities it is generated saving energy costs and distribution loses. 

These can be used on the roadways between communities to power all the electrical vehicles traveling over it through induction charging and rest stop charging stations. Unlimited mileage electric cars come to mind, but with this much surplus electrical power available why stop there? When electric pick-ups, suv's, motor bikes, small trucks, semi-trucks, buses, motorhomes & rv's, moving vans, freight haulers, even electric trains come to mind. All powered by Solar Roadways!  Enough to build a new national electric utility smart grid and super electric freeway to supplement our existing ones. (and yes even power Elon Musk's idea of a Hyperloop maglev speed train that travels faster with more space and comfort than most jet planes) 

GE Electric - Focus Forward video, Solar Roadways  (April 2013)

Google - Solve for X video, Solar Roadways (May 2013) 

2013 Video Update - Scott & Julie have been working hard over the last two years to build a new patented and tested prism textured glass that is stronger than steel, clear enough to allow light to fall on the solar cells under it's hexagon surface and LED lights to shine for road markings and safety signage and give traction for vehicle tires that's better than asphalt even when wet. Scott has also added a heating component to the module for ice/snow removal that works better than expected. Two roadside vaults, one to carry the electric power and monitoring cables, the EV charging strips, and another that moves runoff water anywhere that's needed. Scott has literally been contacted by over half the countries of the world for various roadway projects they have in mind, all wanting to use his product(s). Scott in this video explains how all this works together for a better, cleaner, more environmentally friendly and safer national roadway, run-off water management, and electric grid/EV charging integrated system.


Solar Parking Lot demonstration completed using the hexigon glass you see above. 
Here's a more detailed article...

Solar Roadways is real (2014)
video has gone viral 17.4mil views and climbing
crowdsourcing $1,000,000 fundraiser! (twice now) 
(as of today they have raised $2mil, campaign closed)
The funds raised will be used to hire engineers and professionals
to work on streamlining the process and get the solar panels ready
for production. The campaign is closed.


Robert's Sidebar Note: Solar Roadways has just reopened a permanent fundraiser campaign at invitation of Indiegogo InDemand staff for those that have been asking to donate but was not able to last summer. At the same website as last summer, and a few extra perks have been added to the donations which will be updated and changed from time to time. President O'bama mentioned entrepeneural inovators help make this country great in his State of the Union address last January of this year. (at the White House blog on the address they included slides of active projects and Solar Roadways was listed there) Solar Roadways also has links to a new video from Indiegogo Docs and Innovation World put out by Henry Ford Foundation and News feeds are popping up all over the place again. Go check out the new campaign and get involved!solar-roadways-firstParkingLot-closeup-outsideLab04012014