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Solar Decathlon 2015   WINNING TEAMS - Solar Decathlon (Oct 17 - video)


This years Solar Decathlon 2015 in October sponsored by the Department of Energy in Irvine CA was awesome. This is a net-zero solar home collegiate team competition put on every two years by the DOE for the seventh time. This year features SD2013 visitors at SolarVillage 314 collegiate teams from the US and other countries formed into a Solar Village at the event. (view walk throughs and resource videos of all teams at the GoLocalSolar website) The Texas Team added a near net zero water system for the solar home for the first time, while the NY Buffalo team built an urban farming type home for year round editable food in the middle of our biggest city. (see GoLocalSolar link for visuals) Local students, city officials/engineers, local business owners, architects with a biophilic design emphasis, city/community planners for sustainability, interested green leaders/citizens from the local neighborhoods, and anyone from the surrounding communities will find these articles and blogs all of interest.