Solar Roadways 3 - New Design Modules

by Scott & Julie Brusaw, CEO/President - Solar Roadways     Nov 2015

These are the first prototypes of the new SR3 panels being tested in Sandpoint ID. You can see the mounting holes have been eliminated, which gives each solar roadway module 25% more solar gain over SR2. We have designed edge connectors for the first time, which greatly simplifies installation. These new design changes and others we are not at liberty to discuss will cut overall expected costs and give better performance over the expected 25 year lifespan of the modules. We are still working out the costs which are a constantly moving target as we add new cost saving manufacturing techniques and materials to the design and finding better components for each module.

We are getting closer every day to selling these to our worldwide friends and marketplaces. We anticipate and will continue to work hard at bringing down our costs so an average home homer can purchase and install these in their driveways in the near future.  Local businesses and community planners can install these in their parking lots, making the parking lot, sidewalk, street generate it's own revenue and become less of a burden on local taxation. And eventually creating an entirely new financial model for investor owned community solar parking lots, sidewalks, pathways,  streets and freeways.

New Features: (click here for details & pictures of new modules)