About the Grothe Power Tower

rlg-coffeeThe Grothe Power Tower had it's humble beginnings ten years ago, as the inventor and owner Robert Grothe, became intrigued about the challenges of energy storage and renewable energy when the oil crisis and gasoline prices shot up rapidly to an all time high. And now natural gas prices are going through the roof. It dawned on him something was seriously wrong with the US energy equation; the price hike was not just an accidental glitch, but foreshadowing a definite trend to come. As more research was done on the energy crisis he began to understand the oil shortage was not going away, the shortage was growing and spreading as more countries continued to expand their energy needs. The largest concern is will it eventually escalate into a world crisis as tensions and conflicts rise over the lack of available oil based fuels to sustain the transportation, heating, and electrical power demands of a world wide economy.


rj-flagsThe two promising renewable energy technologies, solar and wind, were explored by Robert and found quite exciting as sources for an alternate energy source, but each has a real Achilles heel with no foreseeable solution. They both have a fairly cyclical and prolonged time when no energy is produced. So a realiable and sustainable energy storage solution needed to be found to solve the times when the renewables do not produce electrical power. And do it in a totally green way without adding more problems to the already growing lists of global warming trends. But no one has stepped forward with a doable, scalable, and sustainable storage system that didn't produce it's own set of pollution problems in solving the energy storage challenge.


robert-robsofficeeglin-2010It was here the seeds of an idea began to grow, and the more Robert did his energy research the more he became convinced he is on the right path for a solution. For the last five years the Grothe Power Tower has become a challenge with many problems that were solved along the way. It now stands as a working table top model that lights a few watt lightbulbs. What is needed is more reliability testing, some larger scaled power tower project models and a system safety check implementation. All this takes money, so financing and educational marketing are critical at this stage of development.


Rob Grothe, Robert's son, was recruited to help with the engineering math and graphic design phase of the project. They make a good team together. Rob graduated at the top of his class from the US Air Force Academy in 2006 with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering. He then went to graduate school at the University of Washington and earned an MS in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering with a thesis about a new volumetric velocity measurement technique for wind/water tunnels. He then became a Captain in the Air Force and worked at the Air Force Research Lab, Munitions Directorate as their team lead for the Applied Research Group. The team's mission is to rapidly design, test, and field new technology in small unmanned air vehicles. He took a tour in Afghanistan and returned safely back to the states. He now works for Boeing as one of their engineers on the 737.


The Grothe Power Tower is on track to launch itself into several field tests over the next few years, applying for energy storage development and technology innovation grants from several sources. You can help make this happen with investor opportunities or direct donations of any size, a community supported fund raiser is a great way to raise awareness too. (see buttons on right panel) Your prayers are always welcome and highly appreciated. Sharing your ideas and suggestions will help strengthen the project along the way (use contact us form) as we reveal the research, the development and challenges of the Grothe Power Tower within this website. Together we can make a difference in our world today. Come help us put the Grothe Power Tower renewable energy storage solution into your local neighborhood.  It's not about us, it's about our children and for those to come.  


robert-jan-rob-hikingtripNote: Robert Grothe is a free lance inventor, author, speaker, and writer in the Federal Way area, board member of NorthWest Solar Group in Tacoma WA, former member of the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce, a preacher, teacher, public speaker, and businessman with two local companies to his credit. Robert has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters of Theology degree from the Concordia University system. Robert has a passion for renewable energy technologies, a strong advocate of practical green project uses, and a sustainable green energy itch he picked up almost a decade ago while visiting friends in Eugene, OR. Robert is married with a wife of many dozens of years he enjoys hanging with at local restaurants, sporting events, plays & music events in the Puget Sound area. A church going man, with a son in the US Air Force and a daughter who teaches at a private Christian school in Houston, Tx. And two grandsons he loves to Skype.