Summary of the Grothe Power Tower Benefits: 



1) a sustainable totally green energy storage device for home and local community use


2) uses surplus electrical energy from local solar panels or wind turbines


3) stores energy in a common water tower design called a Grothe Power Tower, using readily available common materials (patent pending design)


4) produces electricity on-demand using energy efficient cold state PEM fuelcells for night or windless days anytime renewables are off-line or peak demands happen




5) no combustion or moving parts to wear out throughout design


6) flexible and scalable to meet local anticipated electrical energy and fuel needs for small, medium and large applications using specially designed stationary, mobile or portable Grothe Power Tower energy storage devices


7) lasts for decades


8) safe to operate near residential homes, local communities, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and businesses both downtown, in the suburbs, and in rural areas


9) solves multiple energy needs for homeowner and businesses (i.e. electrical, heat, transportation & industrial fuel, even clean water from any water source)


10) can be used for fueling vehicles either from the home, or at a roadside filling station or mall parking lot.


           a) hydrogen fuelcell cars and buses are here and ready to roll out on showroom floors in the US, Europe, Asia, and India.
left to right, 2009 8-car tour hydrogen/fuelcell, olympia WA | red one our founder drove | F-cell van 


left to right: hydrogen bus in australia | hydrogen bus diagram | hydrogen bus in brazil | hydrogen bus in canada



11) can be used for making clean potable water out of almost any water source.


12) ready to mass manufacture in 3-5 years


13) can be easily transported using container trucks, railroad cars, cargo ships or existing pipelines