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fundraising3If you'd like to join our support community and help us build a better renewable energy storage solution using Grothe Power Tower technologies, you can donate to the project and become one of our community supporters. (every little bit helps step the project closer to design completion, testing, and mass manufacturing) The price of a latte, a meal, loose change, community fund raisers (see weblink), donations or whatever volunteer effort or support you can think up to get your community involved with us will help move this project along. (let us hear from you if you have some great ideas on how to help) Come be a part of the growing Grothe Power Tower support community. Together we can change the way the world generates and stores it's electrical energy, fuels it's cars, trucks, buses, trains, ships, and planes and cleans it's water. And in the process make this world and our local communities a cleaner, greener, more sustainable place for generations to come. It's not about us. It's for our children and for those to come.


Thank you and may God bless you and your family.



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working-together1You can send a check or money order to:

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Agorabooks invites you to help us support the exciting research and development of the Grothe Power Tower renewable energy project for wind & solar by donating 30% of all book sales to this project. During checkout please use discount code  "GPT3", and Agorabooks will donate 30% of the sales price toward this project. (min 3 book purchase, buy 2 get 3rd book FREE & AgoraBooks donates 30% of book order.) 



If we all pitch in together, we can make a difference in cleaner air, water, and food for generations to come.


p.s. also for every AgoraBuck purchased, Agorabooks will donate 30% of the gift card to the project.  (max $500)


New wind farm to study energy storage

CBC News
Posted: Jun  2, 2011  11:39 AM AT

With the construction of the new turbines about a quarter of Prince Edward Island's(P.E.I.) electricity will come from wind.CBC

pemi-westcape-windfarm-30The Wind Energy Institute of Canada on P.E.I. is building a new wind farm to study how to use the electricity it generates when the wind is not blowing.


There are currently no commercial-scale storage solutions for wind energy operations, meaning the electricity must be used as it is generated.


The Institute is building a five-turbine, 10-MW wind farm near North Cape, and will test whether it can successfully store some of the electricity for future use. Institute executive director Scott Harper told CBC News Wednesday the electricity from the wind farm will mean up to a quarter of P.E.I.'s total energy needs will be coming from wind.

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